The Space Shuttle and Adoption

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The Space Shuttle tee on Cotton Bureau

My friends are unable to have more children and they are looking to adopt a baby. I am selling some goods with a design I created featuring the Space Shuttle in order to be able to contribute to their adoption fund. You can also donate directly.

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Celebrating Hubble's 25th



This year marks 25 years since Hubble entered orbit, which means that we have had this orbiting telescope peering into the depths of space for the vast majority of my life. I spent my childhood with images of the Horsehead Nebula and the Pillars of Creation. I’ve day-dreamt about deep space mostly with the images provided by Hubble.

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Advanced Scripting in Personal Banking

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Banking is archaic. The digital tools available to us to manage our money are simply online forms of the traditional paper methods available before the personal computer. Except they aren’t even as useful as some cash methods.

I propose a banking system which allows for users to create rules and scripts which are executed for each transaction. This framework would allow for a bank’s customers to manage their money in ways which work best for them. This system would also allow for users to share their methodology (whether it be in budgeting, debt reduction, savings, or anything else) without having to teach the process of that methodology; they could simply share a file or text snippet which could be uploaded to their friends’ accounts and implement the system automatically.

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