Finding Design on Grandpa's Ranch

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Grandpa Nic's at sunset. Kind-of how I imagine Heaven.

A couple weeks ago I took my family out to my grandpa’s ranch in the California foothills. He and Grandma Dorothy live on over 70 acres of rolling hills with cows and a creek. It’s a beautiful place that’s reminiscent of California’s wild west heritage. In fact, the creek on their property was panned and dredged during the gold rush and hopeful panners still come to the ditch downstream annually hoping to find new flakes washed out by the higher spring waters.

On this most recent visit I wandered the ranch with the kids and we explored some of the equipment and miscellanea my grandpa’s collected from his years owning a chicken ranch, almond orchards, and classic cars. Here are some of the things we discovered:

An egg grading scale.
Eliminator branded tire.
Lafayette PA645 system.
Hand-painted logo on the side of an old water truck.

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