Advanced Scripting in Personal Banking

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Banking is archaic. The digital tools available to us to manage our money are simply online forms of the traditional paper methods available before the personal computer. Except they aren’t even as useful as some cash methods.

I propose a banking system which allows for users to create rules and scripts which are executed for each transaction. This framework would allow for a bank’s customers to manage their money in ways which work best for them. This system would also allow for users to share their methodology (whether it be in budgeting, debt reduction, savings, or anything else) without having to teach the process of that methodology; they could simply share a file or text snippet which could be uploaded to their friends’ accounts and implement the system automatically.

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Friday Fork: Colorful Language

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I’m currently working on little project which will require unique colors for various points of data. Since the data points can be anything from “bran flakes” to “Yahtzee” I decided that it would be better to have the words themselves act as the generators of the color which would represent them. I figured that in ASCII all letters are just numbers so I could come up with a system which would conver the words into HSL CSS values. I wrote through my ideas quickly in PHP so I could easily script their output for testing. I then translated the function to Javascript, which I have published as a Gist called “Colorful Language”.

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Friday Fork: Formatting Elapsed Time in PHP

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I have been working on a project which got me running PHP in the command line. I wanted to know how long the script had been running since it would be running for hours at a time. As I tweaked the code and ran mini-tests I wanted to know how much my changes were improving the time it took to process.

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Code: PHP Argument Styles

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I recently got fed up with excessively long argument lists on some of my PHP methods and decided to try passing arrays instead of ordered lists of variables and values. I wanted to know for sure, though, how it would impact my script’s performance so I arranged a test.

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