Celebrating Hubble's 25th



This year marks 25 years since Hubble entered orbit, which means that we have had this orbiting telescope peering into the depths of space for the vast majority of my life. I spent my childhood with images of the Horsehead Nebula and the Pillars of Creation. I’ve day-dreamt about deep space mostly with the images provided by Hubble.

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Desktops: Real Gravity

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I am so glad that Gravity got the respect it deserved at the Oscars. The film broke into territory that was completely uncharted. In spite of a few scientific impossibilities, it was a phenomenal achievement of filmmaking. In honor if Gravity’s nominations (and subsequent wins) @NASA published a series of “Real Gravity” photos. I loved the photos they posted and decided to create a set of desktops and lock screens honoring the film using real NASA photos. Download in your resolution below:

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