Information you provide to me

I only collect information directly from you on the “hire me.” contact form. I will only use this information for the purpose of creating, developing and maintaining a working professional relationship with you. This is strictly voluntary on your part. I will not sell your information to anyone, ever. I will not share your information with anyone, ever, unless I get your permission to refer you to another designer/developer/shaman who may be able to fill your needs better than I can.

Information I collect automatically

Again, I don’t share your information with anyone. That means I don’t use Google Analytics or any other third-party analytics service. I use Piwik for my analytics. Any information gathered through this analytics system remains private and will only be used by me and for the sole purpose of gauging my traffic trends and how people are finding my site.

One caveat

I am an entrepreneur at heart. As such I use the affiliate marketing program VigLink to monetize some links when I can. You can learn more about the progam (or opt out) on their website.

Protecting your information from everyone

If you do not like me, or anyone else tracking you online, I completely understand and strongly encourage the use of the DoNotTrackMe browser extension from Abine. The anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo has a wealth of information about protecting yourself online at