The Project

Fogg Hill is a new line of smartphone cases featuring licensed camouflage from Mossy Oak. The company was looking for a way to position the cases in the market so that they would stand apart from the myriad competition. Their cases have a unique soft-touch water-transfer finish which gives it a more refined feel, while still sitting solidly in the middle of the price range. The client wanted branding which would allow their product to appeal directly to their target market of avid hunters and fishermen.


When looking at the branding and packaging of the Fogg Hill’s competition, it became apparent that those brands were “one size fits all”. They made smartphone cases in vaguely “techy” packaging but without much concern for the licensed brand their product represented.

I decided to focus the design on the visual language of the southern hunter—Mossy Oak’s target market. I sought styles which would be familiar to the hunters: genuine southern whiskey, hand-painted mirrors, outlaw posters and Rooster Cogburn.



The box I designed has a faimiliarity to it despite the newness of the brand in the market.

The gold accents communicate classic quality. The all-caps copy recalls hand-set typographic posters. The strong contrast of the black box with the heavy, reversed lettering will catch the attention of the consumer as they browse in retail outlets filled with camouflage.

All the elements combine to create packaging which is bold, unique and timeless—just like Rooster Cogburn.



The website needed to continue the simplicity of the packaging and be easily navigable. I settled on a design that minimized written content and displayed the product in as minimal a format as possible. I took photography of the cases both in the studio and in their intended environment: the outdoors. You can view the finished website and photography at