This was my first project as a solo graphic designer and my last project before studying design at BYU-Idaho. The project was art-directed by Hilltop’s contracted marketing director.

I generated custom digital watercolors from photographs taken by the art director using Photoshop. This was my first experience laying out in InDesign and comprised the bulk of my experience in Illustrator at the time.

The client continues to use this as their primary marketing material by mail and at trade shows across the globe.



Using the design elements of the brochure—watercolors & vellum—I created a website design which was then coded as a WordPress template. This design is still in use at


Digital Watercolors

For this project I developed a complex automated process in Photoshop which would convincingly convert photographs into watercolors. Photography of a historic mission in California was used to invoke the heritage of California almonds.

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