We were able to identify three major players in the crowdfunding industry that were both successful and worthy of study: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe.

Their designs had many similarities to each other but could all use some improvement to the clarity of how users access information and contribute to their chosen cause or project.

We decided to learn from the elements that work and improve upon those that did not.


Final Design

The final design incorporated many elements of other crodwfunding sites while improving upon them.

Every page is fully customizable with up to three colors, two logos, the organization name, and content including videos, photos and copy.

The current status of the campaign is immediately understandable to the donor through the use of large numbers and a simple progress meter.

A design which can be entirely executed through CSS and a single image provide an incredibly low-bandwidth website to improve load times. This was done as a consideration for the fact that many of the organizations served would be in rural or developing areas with limited access to broadband internet.